Diversity Strategy

Historically thought of as a “Black and White” workplace issue organizations have come to realize that the globalization of the workforce along with the expansive list of legally protected “covered individuals” – Diversity is now front and center as a business imperative.

OnesourceHRM not only helps organizations understand the dynamic business implications of strategic diversity and inclusion – we have notable, nationally recognized consultants that bring a level of expertise necessary to help organizations develop and implement diversity initiatives that go well beyond compliance to a realization of profitable business strategies.

Diversity in the workplace just doesn’t happen without a conscious effort on the part of executive management to make known their commitment diversity and inclusion. OnesourceHRM helps train managers and employees in all aspects of workplace inclusion including:

  • implementing outreach recruiting strategies
  • onboarding programs
  • internal communications, policies and programs
  • affinity group facilitation
  • compliance training

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