Employee Relations

Nonunion Employers:

Employee relations is the HR discipline concerned with strengthening the employer-employee relationship through measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict.

Many organization believe that maintaining a positive employee relations workplace environment negates the necessity for employees to seek outside, third party representation. OnesourceHRM strong supports the position that there is NO acceptable reason for a company to have the burden of dealing with a unionized workforce.

With extensive experience in helping companies maintain nonunion status and in winning over 60 certification elections to turn back the threat of unionization; OnesourceHRM can support your organization

Unionized Employers:

Dealing with unions and negotiating acceptable labor agreements is essential for management to maintain control over the organization. With extensive experience negotiating over 200 labor agreements with no labor strike, OnesourceHRM consultants have dealt with virtually every major Union from the UAW, IBEW, Service Employees International Union, Teamsters and others.

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