Training & Development

Smart organizations understand that training is an investment rather than an expense.  OnesourceHRM ensures that your company receives a return on its investment for the variety of training programs, seminars, and workshops we provide.  We strive to enhance your unique workforce’s effectiveness by specifically customizing our development programs to align with the mission, values, and policies of your organization.  We tailor our training programs to your company’s unique organizational goals so that your training investment drives direct results in your business.

Workplace training has been shown to generate greater ROI than conventional workplace investments, such as new equipment.  It makes sense that a properly-trained employee is better suited to meet the expectations of a job, but employers will see also see a reduced accident rate, lower redundancy, fewer employee mistakes, and faster competency on the job.  All of these result in greater productivity in the workplace and impacts your company’s bottom line.  Moreover, workplace training and development has been correlated to higher rates of employee retention.  Finally, learning environments foster creative thinking and innovative problem solving, a benefit to any organization.

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